Wednesday, January 23, 2008


It has been a long time since blogging and I have seen a bit more of our world, traveling with Rabbis to Prague, Budapest, Warsaw and Crakow. There is a Re-naissance of life there, although what was, will never be again. Yiddish culture and folkways are dead and the world has lodt something precious, whether Muslims and other Jew-haters want to believe that. I say Muslims because, not that there are not moderate Muslims in the religion, but that the Koran itself castigates its own people for associating with infidels. It actually uses stronger language that I do not care to quote. And for them, we are infidels- and this pains me so. It means that whatever we do to try and develop peace- no matter how much land we are willing to trade, there will NEVER be peace because we are INFIDELS to them- unholy, unworth and lower than the lowliest animal. I have difficulty in accepting this.