Monday, September 21, 2009


It has certainly been a long time since blogging and I don't know how people have time to blog every day and still work. As an interior sort of person, who is very different from who i was twenty years ago or more, I like to dwell on topics forever- to my own detriment.

I do have a poetry book that is autobiographical in many ways called "Chasing Moonbeams" and is available on for a very reasonable price. Read it and tell me what you think.

As a Rabbi, I am pained by what is occurring in this country now- the vitriol, the hate language, the lack of decency towards one another in furtherance of one's own particular goal rather than society as a whole. I cannot ever remember things being so out of hand except during the Viet Nam war- except there, the hate language and demonstrations were directed towards one issue. Now decency is lacking and it has sapped my creative energies.The blogs, the television news and pundits, who think they are a little greater than the Almighty depress me. But on this subject, I could bore you for hours. So for now, I will quit until I have something vital to say!