Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Now is the time for us to turn
as the leaves begin their process of changing from green to red and gold'
we must turn our thoughts inward to admit our wrongs.
Animals turn their behavior towards preparing for winter,
some find shelter, store food, move to new locations.
For us, the process is internal and individual, more difficult..
It is never easy to admit wrongdoing--not even to oneself.
We don't like to lose face in front of others'
we don't like to feel ashamed,
but these things are embarassing and painful.

But if we don';t have the strength within
to recognize our wrongs,
then we'll never correct them--
and we'll never change.

God, I pray, help us to turn
from insensitivity to strength
from carelessness to purpose
from jealousy to contentment
from weakness to disciplined
and from fear to faithful.

Yes, it is difficult. But I stand before you
ready to try. This is a new year. Let me set things
right. And make the New Year bright.

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